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We are a group of women who truly believe in the power of connection, healing, and wellness. We are sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, professionals, and caregivers. Each of us has our own personal story of RISING through obstacles, set-backs, and real struggles along our life journeys. Our passionate dedication to supporting other women through this journey of life is what brings us together.  As a team, we have come together to further this mission. 

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Our Approach

We embark on a journey with you toward wellness by working compassionately, empathically, and collaboratively with you, utilizing an integrative approach that is tailored specifically to your needs.

On this journey, we will examine your needs and concerns through the lens of whole-person care—mind, body, heart, and soul. Considering and addressing each of these areas and their integration can help in the process of creating lasting change and growth. 

Some of the therapies our therapists may use include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Trauma-focused therapy, or Solution-Focused Therapy. As a boutique center, we go beyond therapy and provide general wellness services with vetted and trusted providers. Our Wellness Team utilizes a variety of approaches that honor the whole person including: Clinical Functional Nutrition, Yoga, Massage Therapy, and a Doula/Midwife Assistant for education and support. On your journey to wellness, we will support you in finding the practices that will be most restorative and helpful to you.

Janiel L. Henry, Psy.D.: CEO, Clinical Director, and Licensed Psychologist #28724

Authenticity. Realness. Compassion. Professionalism—These are some of my highest values. Within my approach, I deeply honor the balance of these values and actively bring them into the space.

I am most passionate about restoring hope to women across the lifespan on their journey to wholeness and wellness—No matter what they are facing in this season of their life. This includes being an advocate and support within a safe therapeutic relationship by using a relational and strengths-based style.  

Within the area of mental health, I have had over 16 years of experience working in some capacity both nationally and in international settings including South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. This work expanded my understanding of intersectionality and the contextual factors contributing to one’s health and overall well-being--which often play an important role in therapy.

Advocating for women’s holistic health and wellness and serving both my local community and global community in the form of professional consultations, workshops, and speaking engagements are also passions I enjoy.  I love staying current on the latest research in the field and have committed myself to a lifelong process of learning, development, and growth. In my free time, you'll find me spending time with my friends and family, exploring new places, cooking international foods, attending a cultural festival or event, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Tampa  
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Tampa 
B.S., Psychology-Counseling Emphasis, Oakwood University.
B.A., Spanish, Oakwood University, 

SPECIALTIES: Women's Mental Health, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Premenstrual Exacerbation of Underlying Disorders (PME/PMM), Psychological aspects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders during Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum periods 

STRENGTHS: Compassionate, Thoughtful, Creative, Resilient, and uniquely balances Authenticity with Professionalism.

SHE-RO/SHE-ROES: Every  woman that has been a part of my village, all of the amazing women advocating for women's health across the globe, and all of the women I am honored to support along their personal growth journey. 

Meet Her:

Maaria Shaikh, M.S, LMFT (#93664):Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I have had over 8 years of experience in the mental health field. I believe therapy is a safe place to explore and navigate what needs to change in order to find healing and gain a sense of deeper understanding, acceptance, and comfort. I have a passion for helping women and dedicate my efforts to have my clients feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, understanding, and recognition as they continue on their journey of life while working on processing, healing, and becoming evolved. Creating this safe space is necessary in the process of facilitating honest vulnerability and exploration of one's behaviors, underlying issues, and matters of the heart that may be impeding the functioning in different areas of one's life. 

As a therapist I believe it is imperative for my clients to feel a genuine and authentic connection to foster progress and growth. I strongly believe that our thoughts, emotions/ feelings are connected to our behaviors.

With my experience working with a range of diverse populations and being trained in different therapeutic modalities, I have learned there is not a one size fits all approach. I utilize an individualized approach (e.g TF-CBT, ART, etc.) tailored to the unique needs of my clients-- together we can explore and understand the layers of past experiences, circumstances, trauma, grief/loss and events that have influenced current issues/ behaviors in order to help you understand yourself more deeply so that you can experience healing, optimism, self-acceptance and therefore lead a more fulfilling life. In my free time, I love spending time with my loved ones, watching a good show/movie, and working out.

M.S. Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.
B.A. Psychology, California State University, Los Angeles

Young adults, LGBTQ+, trauma, grief/loss, anxiety and depression, relational issues, adjustment issues, phase of life issues, crisis intervention, self-harm, at-risk/high risk individuals, risk assessments.

STRENGTHS: Compassionate, Determined, Passionate, Resilient, loves to keep herself open-minded and humble in this journey of life in order to continuously evolve. 

SHE-RO/SHE-ROES: My beloved mother. 

Meet Her:

Jennifer Sasaki, M.S. LMFT (#82462): Licensed marriage and family therapist.

I have been in various therapeutic settings for over 12 years. I am committed to providing a safe, warm and accepting environment for my clients. I want them to feel seen and understood. I integrate both AEDP and Polyvagal Theory techniques as I accompany my clients toward healing and wholeness. I most desire to help women connect internally with love and acceptance toward themselves and also with others. When I’m not working I enjoy being with my family exploring my community, looking for new experiences, relaxing at the beach or hiking through botanical gardens and parks. I grew up very active in athletics, so I love to play and watch sports.

EDUCATION: Vanguard University: M.S. Clinical Psychology. Arizona State University: B.S. Justice Studies.  

SPECIALTIES: Complex Trauma, Dissociative Disorders, Stage of life issues

STRENGTHS: Warm, empathetic and ability to establish meaningful connections relatively quickly along with creating a nurturing environment.

SHE-RO/SHE-ROES: Kathrine Switzer and Anne Sullivan

Meet Her:

La Kiesha Davis: Women’s Wellness Practitioner, Doula, and Certified Midwife Assistant.

My holistic journey began professionally 10 years ago and has grown into a complete lifestyle and passion. As a birth worker, I have attended 70 births in various settings including homes, birth centers, and hospitals. Throughout my own life’s journey starting at an incredibly young age of three years old, I have both fallen deeply in love with all things holistic and gathered various skills that have made me the woman I am today. My intention is to teach women to know and understand their worth and individuality by providing them hope and faith in themselves. By integrating my knowledge of both western medicine as well as complementary and alternative medicine, I am able to initiate self-efficacy for women throughout their lifespan and birth experiences. In my free time, you will find me at the beach, hiking, spending time with my family and friends, and always with a cup of tea. 

SPECIALTIES: Women’s Holistic Wellness, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Birth Work, Lifestyle changes to promote health and healing 

EDUCATION: Ashford University: B.A Complementary & Alternative Health, DONA Training: Doula, Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery: Midwifery Program, American College of HealthCare Sciences: Graduate Certificate in Holistic Nutrition, (Pending) M.S Complementary & Alternative Medicine

STRENGTHS: I am intuitive, gentle, and naturally in tune with the human body and nature. I speak directly to the heart of a condition to initiate holistic healing and wellness. I am a teacher of female harmony, mind, body, and spirit. I cultivate the desire to be healthy and in-tune with oneself.

All women are awe-inspiring and beautiful in their own way, however, there are two that come to mind that are my favorites. The first being my little sister Jene’t. We lost our mom when we were young, I was 22 and she was 16. Jene’t catapulted into adulthood and overcame extreme heartache and the best and worst of life's obstacles. Although being younger than me, she has taught me so much about being a quality, compassionate, and healthy human. The other amazing woman I admire is Tracee Ellis Ross, she is not only a great actress, she has created multiple businesses that represent who she is as a black woman. Ms. Ross has been a voice and advocate for injustice and utilizes her platform to speak for the people in our communities. She is both beautiful and intelligent, she has inspired me to always be authentically and unapologetically myself.

Meet Her:

Angela Trotter, MS, CNS, AFMCP: Clinical Functional Nutritionist

Hello! My name is Angie. I was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up I played soccer competitively, and enjoy other sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. When I’m not active I love my quiet time either reading, writing, being out in nature, or playing the piano.

I became passionate about nutrition when it changed my own life. At 26 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and PCOS. At the time I was preparing to get married, had a full time job, was applying for P.A. school and was…tired. During this time I decided to see an integrative practitioner who helped me make proper dietary changes, heal my gut, properly detox my body and reduce my inflammation. I am happy to say I no longer have the PCOS diagnosis – my hormones rectified, my Hashimoto’s is managed with non-existent antibodies, and my gut and skin are both happy! The best news was that after I spent this time healing, my body was ready to conceive, and I became pregnant with my daughter. Something I was told may never happen for me.

I love my story. It may be messy, and has lots of broken pieces to it, but I have learned so much throughout these experiences. I love that it has given me a passion to want to see others feel their best as well. I love to empower other women to take control of their health, and see how powerful nutrition and healing can be.  

SPECIALTIES: Women’s health, children’s health and gut imbalances. As women we see fluctuations in our hormonal balance throughout the many changes we experience such as puberty, birth control use, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause, surgically induced menopause and post-menopause. Our hormones can play a big role in our mood, ability to lose weight, sleep, bone health, libido, etc. Since women’s hormones are so intricately connected to stress, I tend to see many women experiencing the symptoms of stress as well and feel it is vital to address. I also focus heavily on gut health and addressing gut imbalances to best reduce overall body burden, inflammation and to further support proper hormone balance.  

M.S. Nutrition, University of Bridgeport 
CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) certification.
AFMCP, Institute of Functional Medicine. I continue to attend various conferences throughout the year to further my knowledge of integrative nutrition, and I love everything about what I do!

SHE-RO/SHE-ROES:I feel what makes me a SHE-RO is that I truly do believe that “love makes the world go round.” Being able to be a light for others - whether it’s for my children, my family and friends, my community and/or my clients. I feel showing kindness to those around us is a beautiful strength.

Meet Her:  

Anel Hernandez, LVN: Licensed Vocational Nurse and Registered Yoga Teacher. 

I have 10 years of experience in the medical field with an emphasis in Case Management. I integrate current western medicine and preventative measures with social justice values to promote holistic wellness-mind, body, and soul. I believe that we have everything we need within ourselves to thrive. I empower individuals to find a voice within their body and mind to reach their full well-being potential. I stay actively involved in social justice issues by advocating for access to housing and basic needs for the most vulnerable populations in my community. In my spare time you'll find me reading a book, crafting, or spending time in nature.

EDUCATION:  LVN  Certification from Summit Career College, Anaheim, CA
Currently pursuing B.A. in Gender and Ethnic Studies. 

SPECIALTIES: Yoga, Mind-body connection, and Case Management 

STRENGTHS: Honest, Kind, Social Integrity 

SHE-RO/SHE-ROES: All of the amazing women that surround me and have taught me many beautiful things in life. 

Meet Her:

Meet Her: Tonee Jordan, CMT (#78013): Certified Massage Therapist and Women’s Wellness Practitioner.

I have 7 years of experience with providing leadership with body awareness, physical health and mental wellbeing. It is my mission to help women feel comfortable in their own bodies and I seek to encourage healthy choices that promote health and wellness.

With massage therapy, I utilize a variety of modalities to assist clients to engage in therapeutics that assist with the alleviation of pain and stress. My certifications in Swedish/American Massage, Prenatal/Infant Massage, Manual Cupping and Spa Therapies helps to promote stress relief and relaxation. I am also a Certified Yomassage Therapist, Yomassage Self-Care, and Yomassage Trauma-Informed.

In addition to massage therapy, I am certified by AFAA as a group exercise instructor and currently teach POP Pilates via Zoom. While Pop Pilates is presently the primary format I offer, I have taught other fitness formats. They include Zumba, Pound, and Kids Yoga. One of the most rewarding experiences over the past five years (before COVID restrictions), was to teach elementary school children various fitness formats, including Kids Yoga, mindfulness, Zumba and Pound.

In my free time, you’ll find me supporting my 10-year-old with his education, hiking and engaging in a variety of adventures with my family.

Specialties: Massage Therapy, Fitness 

Education: Beyond high school I studied photography at HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College, PA), and theater arts at University of Massachusetts Boston (MA) and Bethany College (WV). In 2018 I have completed my Massage Therapy certification at School of Holistic Touch (Ontario, CA). I am also trained and have earned certification in various formats of fitness including: POP Pilates, Pound, Generation Pound, Kids Yoga and currently working on finishing my 200 hours for further Yoga certification.

Strengths: Communication, honesty, humor, follow through, down to earth and easily crosses many cultural expressions; defies expectations and does not fit in a box.

SHE-RO/SHE-ROES: Belva Brown Jordan

Meet Her:


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meet the team

our mission

We are passionate about the well-being of women throughout their lifespan. We exist to support the growth and development of women by building upon strengths and cultivating resilience so that while navigating life, they may not only survive, but thrive and RISE with passion, joy, connection, meaning, and authenticity. 

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”