Unlocking the Power: Ancient Foods and Herbs

March 23, 2022

Author: Angela Trotter, M.S., CNS, AFMCP, Clinical Functional Nutritionist

Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”–Hippocrates

In our modern and innovative field of nutrition science, we are constantly expanding our understanding of the various healing and supportive properties of food. It seems like every day, a new superfood has made its way to the top. While we value and appreciate the new health benefit discoveries for different foods, we may sometimes overlook the healing and nourishing power of ancient foods and herbs.

The truth is, there are various healing foods and herbs that have been passed on throughout the centuries–bringing healing and nourishment to our bodies. These foods and herbs have medicinal properties that are still implemented today. Keep reading as we highlight four of them.

1) Fermented Milks

Fermented foods have been around for 1000’s of years, and have become increasingly popular as more people learn about the benefits of these fermented foods.  Fermented milks have been a staple source of nutrition throughout various cultures, and here we refer to this fermented milk as kefir.  

In the early 1930s the first marketed fermented milk product, called Yakult, developed by Minoru Shirota consisted of a fermented mixture of skimmed milk with a special strain of Lactobacillus casei shirota.     

Today we have the ability to make our own kefir or purchase from various options provided locally.  Here we can use different milk products to prepare the kefir from the kefir grains, including whole organic milk, goat’s milk, and non-dairy options like coconut milk.  

Kefir has various known benefits due to its probiotic content that is produced during the fermentation process.  Kefir has been shown to support digestion, shown to support the immune system and immune response, improvement in allergies/asthma, reduces acne, reduces inflammation, etc.

2) Bone Broth

Bone broth is another healing food that has been around since the hunter-gatherer period and has been used throughout various cultures.  Bone broth provides various nutrients that are shown to support joint and connective tissues, is anti-inflammatory, repairs damaged tissues, supports collagen formation, supports GI tract and reduces intestinal permeability, shown to reduce anemia, provides glycine which is shown to be an inhibitory neurotransmitter, etc. 

3) Ghee

Ghee is clarified butter that is commonly used in modern cooking, that originated in ancient India.  Ghee is tolerated by those who are lactose intolerant due to the preparation process of Ghee that completely removes the milk solids during this process.  Ghee provides the short-chain fatty acid, butyrate, which is shown to support the gut lining, immune system support, and provides anti-inflammatory support.

4) Ginger

Ginger is another medicinal herb that has been well known throughout the centuries for its healing properties.  Ginger has shown benefit in digestive issues, nausea, shown beneficial in aches, pains, migraine and shown beneficial against the common cold, fever or sore throat. 

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Author: Angela Trotter, M.S., CNS, AFMCP, Clinical Functional Nutritionist

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